Pill Testing – Four Facts you may not know!
Pill Testing may indeed sound like a compassionate option for the drug user.
But what really happens?
Fact 1: Pill Testing increases drug use and the likelihood of risk and death
Pill Testing will be seen by many young people as a clear endorsement of drug use. It sends a message that illicit drugs are ‘safe’.
The result? This gives permission for young people to engage in an otherwise illegal act and worse, harmful drug use. Yes, it is likely to encourage use!
Pill Testing facilitates the taking of illicit drugs by equipping young people to consume illicit drugs.
The result? More lives are put at risk with a belief that the drug they are taking is somehow ‘safe’!
Fact 2 – Pill Testing has no safety guarantees
 Pill Tests do not (and cannot) guarantee that the drugbeing taken will not cause any harm or death to the individual consumer
Pill Testing cannot account for the individual’s physiological response to each drug – allergies, levels of toxins etc.
The result?
More young people destroying their lives with one mis-informed decision
Fact 3 - Pill Testing promotes ‘drug normalisation’ and ignores all facts of health and safety around drug use that we need to know.
The results?
More young people destroying their brains before the age of full development (age 25).
More young people developing depression and psychosis
More young people suiciding
More family violence, broken relationships
More drug related crimes to pay for the habit of addiction.
Fact 4 – Consider - Who will pay the price?

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