Our Vision: Communities are well-informed about the harms of illicit drugs and empowered with anti-drug strategies
1 November 2017
Drug Free Australia is calling on Daniel Andrews to do a double backflip on
the decision to fund a drug injecting room in Richmond, Melbourne. Initially
the Premier was opposed to it, and for good reason. Now he has made a
curious backflip – anything to do with the forthcoming Northcote byelection,
where Labor is in a battle with the Greens? This is a very slippery
slope for the future of Victoria.
According to Gary Christian: “Drug Free Australia’s research has clearly
demonstrated that the Kings Cross injecting room has not met its original
objectives. At a cost of a minimum of $2.7 million a year it is statistically
not capable of saving even one life per year, and has been a poor gateway
to treatment, with very few referrals.
Jo Baxter, Executive Director, Drug Free Australia asks:
What is the greater good?
If we are all agreed that the primary objective is to assist people to become well,
and no longer addicted to their drug/s, what is the better option?
1. Provision of a range of rehabilitation services to those affected by
intravenous drug addiction that will give them a realistic chance to get
off their drugs and lead a full and productive life, including more
residential rehab facilities with 24/7 support. (Stats show this is a more
effective use of taxpayer funds)
2. A Centre that forms a Shop Front that, promotes the illegal practices of
illicit drug procurement, trafficking and use and sends a message that
illegal drugs are condoned by our law-makers. A Centre that is NOT
24/7. A Centre that creates a ‘honey pot effect’ as an attraction for drug
dealers and potentially new users. A Centre that allows opportunity for
experimentation with higher drug doses (because of its purported ‘safer’
A further important question is: how will the Richmond Injecting Room in Victoria
prevent drug use? It is to be located next door to a Primary School!
More needs to be done to educate our children, families and communities
about the harms of illicit, toxic drugs that are currently rampant in Australia.
More effective recovery-based treatment is needed. Not drug promotion.
(Research backgrounders available on request).

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