Book CruelHoaxElaine Walters the author of The Cannabis Connection and Marijuana - An Australian Crisis, completes the trilogy on the issue of illegal drugs with the publication of The Cruel Hoax - Street Drugs in Australia.

Ms Walters begins by revealing the strategy used by pro-drug lobbyists to establish credibility in the field of illegal drugs. She reveals the ease with which health and education professionals have been hoodwinked by the concept of harm minimisation and how advisors and Australian ‘experts’ have been part of the hoax for many years. By omission and misinformation they have trivialised the health risks associated with the use of illegal drugs and promoted responsible use and normalisation.

The second part of the book is presented in the same question and answer format used in Marijuana - An Australian Crisis with updated scientific research and statistics. Elaine Walters also reveals the failure of the liberal policies of the Netherlands to reduce illegal drug use and demonstrates the successful approach of the Swedish policy which promotes the ideal of a drug free society.

In the final section the author selects extracts from drug education programmes from other countries which have been effective in reducing drug use by school children. It is a practical commonsense approach and includes education guidelines for primary and secondary schools. Its emphasis is on a drug free school environment.

Fifteen years of working with families affected by drug use, her overseas study as a Churchill Fellow and her continuous and meticulous research on the issue establishes Elaine Walters as one of Australia’s leading authorities on street drugs. The Cruel Hoax is recommended to educators, health professionals and parents. In particular it should he read by all students. It is with their interest at heart that Elaine Walters has devoted herself to what she considers to be a labour of love.

Author: Elaine Walters
Publisher: Shield (1996)
ISBN: 0646259717

Book GreatBrainRobberyWhat everyone should know about teenagers and drugs.

People take mood altering chemicals because they enjoy altering their moods. But for every high there is a low. For every trip a return journey.

All children entering adolescence need to know that there is no short cut to happiness through chemistry. There is only a short circuiting of the brain wiring that makes them, them.

Every human brain is a miraculous tapestry utterly unique to the weaver. When we tear this fragile tapestry we are damaging a one-off that can’t easily be repaired.

Authors: Tom Scott & Trevor Grice
Publisher: Independent Pub Group (2006)
ISBN: 1741146402

The Pied Piper of Pot

The historical record and the worldwide fluctuation in marijuana use rates by minors clearly establishes that kids do not just fall into drug use as an inevitable rite of passage. Kids are sold on drug use in specific cultures at various times. The Pied Pipers of Pot reveals how marijuana products have been pushed on the youth sector in recent years through a process of normalization and acceptance. The author argues that kids are no match for the aggressive and emerging marijuana industry and that the key to effective drug prevention is to curtail those that stand to prosper, economically or politically by advancing the pro-pot position.

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Again and again British politicians, commentators and celebrities intone that 'The War on Drugs has failed'. They then say that this is an argument for abandoning all attempts to reduce drug use through the criminal law. Peter Hitchens shows that in Britain there has been no serious 'war on drugs' since 1971, when a Tory government adopted a Labour plan to implement the revolutionary Wootton report. This gave cannabis, the most widely used illegal substance, a special legal status as a supposedly 'soft' drug (in fact, Hitchens argues, it is at least as dangerous as heroin and cocaine because of the threat it poses to mental health). It began a progressive reduction of penalties for possession, and effectively disarmed the police. This process still continues, behind a screen of falsely 'tough' rhetoric from politicians. Far from there being a 'war on drugs', there has been a covert surrender to drugs, concealed behind an official obeisance to international treaty obligations. To all intents and purposes, cannabis is legal in Britain, and other major drugs are not far behind. In The War We Never Fought, Hitchens uncovers the secret history of the government's true attitude, and the increasing recruitment of the police and courts to covert decriminalisation initiatives, and contrasts it with the rhetoric. Whatever and whoever is to blame for the undoubted mess of Britain's drug policy, it is not 'prohibition' or a 'war on drugs', for neither exists.

Author Name:    Peter Hitchens

Title:   The War we Never Fought

Publisher:    Presbyterian & Reformed 1973



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