Book PotSafari“The foundation for all drug abuse prevention is knowledge—the hard facts about the dangers of drug use. The marijuana epidemic of the last two decade the U.S. can be traced directly to the lack of clear, relevant information about the health threat posed by marijuana. That has changed today. We have the facts, and they make a devastating indictment of that “harmless giggle”, pot.

“However, there is still a hurdle to clear; getting the information across to the people who need it. Now we have in this book what has been missing before. Peggy Mann, the nation’s finest drug abuse prevention author, has made the facts accessible in her historic Pot Safari. Here, we have, for the first time, engaging portraits of the researchers, their findings, and the intensely human values and concern that give urgency to their work. Pot Safari is for young people, for educators, and for parents. It is an important new element in the fight against drug dependence.”

Robert DuPont, M.D.
Founding Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse;
President of American Council for Drug Education, USA

Author: Peggy Mann
Publisher: Woodmere Press 1987

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